SnapX automates and optimizes the processing of receipts and invoices thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. We propose an effective solution which goes far beyond manual data entry.

It’s extremely easy to use: take a picture of your receipts and SnapX takes care of transferring the information to your accounting software.

SnapX stands out through its advanced detection technology, its accuracy and its efficiency, especially for French documents.

By being directly connected to Acomba and Avantage, SnapX is THE fastest way to save receipts and invoices in this software.

For now, SnapX only works with the Acomba and Avantage accounting software.

Once the initial connection is made with the help of our team, you will only have to configure your parameters (taxes, suppliers, certificates of authenticity, etc.) and SnapX will be ready to work for you.

If you are subscribed to Acomba or Avantage, you already have access to the SnapX StartUp package, at no additional cost!

There are two ways to submit your documents to SnapX:

  • From your computer’s SnapX application
  • From the SnapX mobile application (available on iPhone and Android)

The files can be images or PDF files.

You have other questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!