Are you still entering your invoices manually?

SnapX is THE fastest way to save your receipts and invoices into your accounting software. You take a picture and artificial intelligence takes care of the rest!

Sophisticated technology in an easy-to-use tool

Upload the invoice

Automatic extraction

Data validation

Export to the accounting software

With the SnapX automated extraction technology, you get results quickly and easily.

SnapX is connected to:

If you are subscribed to Acomba or Avantage, you already have access to the SnapX StartUp package, at no extra cost!

Let artificial intelligence work for you

SnapX allows you to concentrate on your most important tasks.
Why do repetitive work when technology can do it for you?

  • Less time lost entering data from your receipts and invoices
  • Less risk of error
  • Direct integration with your accounting software

Your business has access to artificial intelligence. Take advantage of it now!